Pesach without the Pounds

Pesach cleaning is upon us, which means that Pesach is almost here. Only a few more days! I know so many people that get nervous about Pesach. Are you one of them? The switch from the usual meal plan to one that you see has fewer choices and more restrictions is a scary prospect, especially if you have only recently started their wellness journey. There is a way to enjoy Pesach though without being overly restrictive or putting on a few pounds. There is another option. Here are some key things that help avoid the holiday weight gain: 1) Produce! Fill up your shopping cart with veg, then fruit. Make sure you have enough for meals and snacks and desserts. Meaning- GET TONS! Apple chips are al

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There are risks by beginning an exercise and/or program. An examination and permission by a physician should be obtained by anyone prior to starting a fitness and/or exercise program, or initiating a substantial change in the amount of regular physical activity performed. In any event, the participant acknowledge and agree that they assume the risks associated with any and all fitness related activities and/or exercises in which you participate in. Sabrina Perl and Healthy By Sabrina are not responsible for any injury caused or resulting from these exercises or meal plans.

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