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Discover a completely done-for-you and customizable program designed for the busy woman, that takes all the hard work and guessing out of healthy eating, meal planning and weight loss.

Weight Loss Made Simple

The 28-Day Transformation Starts May 1st 2017

If you have been trying to lose weight on your own, you may resonate with the following:

  • You are tired of counting calories, tracking macros 

  • You are tired of always thinking about what you can and cannot eat

  • You have food cravings that you can not seem to control

  • You feel lethargic and lack energy and vitality in your daily life

  • You have intense mood swings and mid-afternoon crashes

  • You are exhausted by cooking meals for your family and diet meals for you

  • There never seems to be enough time in the day to meal plan, meal prep, shop, and actually cook!

  • You are tired and lack energy to spend time with the people you love

  • You feel like the emotional eating and yo-yo dieting are taking over your life

  • The sheer overwhelm of being on a healthy diet plan is dragging you down!

Are you ready to go from diet overwhelm to a streamlined weight loss program?

Through this transformative program you will experience:​


Improved Sleep

More Energy

Less Bloating

Less Food Cravings

Stable Moods

Better Overall Complexion

& Weight Loss

Let me make your life easier by helping you stick to a weight loss program that will fit into your busy schedule! 

What do you get in the Weight Loss Made Simple program:


  • E-book so that you can learn about proper nutrition, serving sizes and healthy lifestyle habits

  • Cookbook so you heave healthy recipes to choose from for you and your family

  • Suggested Meal Plans so that you have a balanced diet without the guesswork

  • Meal Planning Guide so you can learn to organize and streamline your meal plan, grocery list, and meal prep

  • Private Facebook Group so you get all the community support you need to succeed

  • Exclusive Weekly Podclasses so that you can dig deep and break the emotional eating cycle and yo-yo dieting

  • Exclusive Workout Videos that range in fitness level so that you can fit exercise into your daily schedule easily

  • Email Support so that you know I am cheering you on and You.Are.Not.Alone!

  • Bonus Specialized Podclasses with: Tamara MayPostpartum Physiotherapist,  Adina Kelman- Registered Yoga Teacher & Holistic Health Coach, & Yadira ChevereLactation Consultant & Postpartum Nutrition Expert.

Are you ready to transform your health with a new approach that is specially designed to fit into your lifestyle?


Here is the breakdown of this program.

ALL of this is included:

E-book- valued at 60 shekels

Cookbook- valued at 45 shekels

Meal Planning Guide- valued at 45 shekels

Suggested Weekly Meal Plans- valued at 250 shekels 

Exclusive Workout Videos- valued at 175 shekels

Weekly Podclasses/Lectures - Valued at 600 shekels

Online Community for the ENTIRE 28 day program- valued at 100 shekels

AND, among other bonuses, 3 Specialized Guest Podclasses-  valued at 150 shekels


Total Value- 1200 shekels!!!

And you pay only this:

347 shekels (about $99 USD)! 

For a limited time, get 25% off with the Early Bird discount code!

Time left to get Early Bird Discount:

Hi, I'm Sabrina!

I love good food, wine, healthy living and just about anything chocolate! I'm going to help you transform your life in just 28 days by teaching you how to live well and eat right.

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