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Hello, I'm Sabrina...

My Story


I became a mom at 24 years old. I had eaten my way through so many pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream, that I was depressed after birthing my 7 lb perfect baby because I still had 50 pounds to lose! I  had achey joints, horrible asthma, and I was exhausted. Way more exhausted than a new mom should even be. 


I tried to get the weight off fast by implementing every piece of dieting advice I've ever heard. I ate a low sodium &  fat free diet of sugar alcohols and processed carbs. Some weight did come off. But then it stalled again 10 lb later. And I couldn't get the scale to budge. 


Worse than carrying the extra weight was the achey joints, exhaustion, feeling of blah, and low confidence. My knees hurt all the time, my lower back started going out a lot because, well, at 5'4" it was difficult for my body to support the weight AND carry my very large baby boy. But because I felt so blah and lacked confidence,  I wasn't really motivated to make a complete lifestyle overhaul. 


Then I realized:

I could be 25 and feel like 55 or I could be 25 and feel like 20! And, well, which would you chose?


Through education and lifestyle change, even with young kids and a hectic schedule, I lost the weight.  My thorough education at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition helped me debunk the diet myths and get back to eating foods that nourished my body and made me feel good.  I went from being overweight, bloated, in pain, out of breath all the time to feeling fit and fabulous. It wasn't a magic pill, it was lifestyle.


I also realized I loved working out and helping others feel strong and fit. I wanted to incorporate different areas of expertise to my practice so I could have a whole-istic approach while helping women live healthier lives. I wanted to be able to help them lose weight, get stronger, and eat healthier! I  am certified as a personal trainer through the American Fitness Institute and a certified clinical weight loss practitioner through the Health Sciences Academy.  


And after all my education and seeing the benefits myself, I want to help others make the same changes in their lives. I want them feeling their best, feeling healthy and like nothing can bring them down! 

Let's work together, online or in-person, to achieve your personal fitness and health goals! 

xox Sabrina


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