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Get the strong, 

healthy body

you deserve 


Work With Me

Become your most vibrant, energetic, and functionally fit self with personalized  fitness training, nutrition coaching, personalized healthy regimen,   customized home fitness programs, and more... 

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Get tips, tricks and recipes to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle! 

Check regularly for new posts from Sabrina Perl!

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Transform Your Mindset Sustainable Digital Weight-Loss Course

The Winter Cohort Starts Soon!

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Change your mindset and your life while achieving lasting and sustainable weight-loss with my 3-prong approach to a healthy lifestyle with this 12-Week E-Course & Coaching group. 

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Workout Videos

Free short, targeted and effective workout videos to give you a taste of Healthy By Sabrina workouts without a huge time commitment. 

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Healthy @Home

Simple nutrition and fitness solutions for busy moms, from the comfort of HOME! Crush your goals with this all-in-one membership program!

Includes workout programs for every fitness level, recipes, & meal plans!


Meet Sabrina

I'm a busy mom of 2 active boys. I have been YOU and now my passion is helping you feel healthier, leaner, stronger, & confident.

Fitness Training


Highly recommend sabrina for all your fitness/nutrition needs! I lost 10 kilo since working with sabrina, have actual arm muscles now, and i can do workout moves i never thought i would have been able to do in a million years. Sabrina is amazing at tailoring your workout to your abilities and pushing you to improve. 5 stars!!

-Rebecca S. 

Sabrina provides an amazing personal training experience, especially for someone like myself, a new Mom looking to get back in shape. She came to my house, catered the workouts to me personally, is an expert in postpartum fitness and was really friendly and professional. She even helped watch my baby while I did the exercises! She makes the whole experience less daunting. Sabrina also gave me some great meal planning ideas which helped give me the push I needed to start planning healthy meals for my family. Highly recommend!

- Leora L.

I have been working with Sabrina for a couple of months now after spending a long time frustrated with plateu-ing . The weekly meeting, meal plan and exercise routine have got me back on track and I feel great too. She is incredibly professional and talented at what she does. I highly recommend her for all your fitness and weight loss goals!

Edited to add: it has now been close to six months and I have officially lost more than 20 lbs! Sabrina is amazing. She incorporates real life food and plans into her personalized routines. She understands that life is dynamic and can throw curve balls and she gives you the tools to deal with that. I look forward to continuing to work with her and learn from her.

- Ariella G.

Sabrina was so professional and really took time and patience needed to get me started on an awesome workout routine and meal plan. I gave no doubt that whoever is considering a lifestyle change should look no further. The meals are not only healthy but they are easy to prepare, tasty and easy on a budget. I like how both services were really geared towards me and my situation. She goes above and beyond to personalize the program. Highly recommended.

- Amber G.

Sabrina helped me get my body back postpartum. I'd gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy and had a difficult birth which left me unable to do any physical activity for a while. Sabrina helped me regain confidence in my movement and my body. Highly recommended!!!

-Mayrav A.

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