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Afterschool Chug

Your tween will have fun cooking up a storm at this afterschool chug! Each week they will create a delicious and exciting new recipe and also experience learning different types of exercises, like pilates, yoga and kickboxing to name a few!


They will create their own cookbooks and journals throughout the year as well. 

This workshop series is all about building confidence and healthy habits through fun and inspiring activities.


This is a small group, only 6 girls each week. 

Kosher. Modi'in, Shimshoni Area.

Ages 12-14


Sundays @5:30pm

Examples of cooking activities:


Smoothie Pops

Guacamole and Pita Chips

Rice Paper Spring Rolls


Ice Cream

Grilled Veggies Skewers

Artisan Bread

To register for the Month of September, click below

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