The Anywhere Workout

After your warm up:

40 seconds squats with alternating knees

Squat down with your feet pointed forwards, putting your weight in your heels and using your hips as a wheel to get you nice and low to the floor. Come up and bring your right knee up towards your belly button and repeat, alternating sides.

-15 second break-

40 seconds burpees

Touch the floor about half a foot in front of your feet, and jump your feet into a plank position. Then, using your core, bring your feet back in and stand up. Repeat.

-15 second break-

40 seconds clock lunges

Start with the right foot stepping forward into a front lunge. Then your right foot into a side lunge. Then the right foot into a back lunge. Repeat with your left foot. Then repeat again until the time is up.

-15 second break-

40 seconds 180s

squat down half way with your feet about hip width apart, tighten glutes and put your weight in your heels, jump and turn 180 degrees landing in a squat position.

-15 second break-

Repeat 3-4 times. Then do a proper cool down stretch.

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There are risks by beginning an exercise and/or program. An examination and permission by a physician should be obtained by anyone prior to starting a fitness and/or exercise program, or initiating a substantial change in the amount of regular physical activity performed. In any event, the participant acknowledge and agree that they assume the risks associated with any and all fitness related activities and/or exercises in which you participate in. Sabrina Perl and Healthy By Sabrina are not responsible for any injury caused or resulting from these exercises or meal plans.

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