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The Anywhere Workout

After your warm up:

40 seconds squats with alternating knees

Squat down with your feet pointed forwards, putting your weight in your heels and using your hips as a wheel to get you nice and low to the floor. Come up and bring your right knee up towards your belly button and repeat, alternating sides.

-15 second break-

40 seconds burpees

Touch the floor about half a foot in front of your feet, and jump your feet into a plank position. Then, using your core, bring your feet back in and stand up. Repeat.

-15 second break-

40 seconds clock lunges

Start with the right foot stepping forward into a front lunge. Then your right foot into a side lunge. Then the right foot into a back lunge. Repeat with your left foot. Then repeat again until the time is up.

-15 second break-

40 seconds 180s

squat down half way with your feet about hip width apart, tighten glutes and put your weight in your heels, jump and turn 180 degrees landing in a squat position.

-15 second break-

Repeat 3-4 times. Then do a proper cool down stretch.

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