Something new for back to school....

Its almost the end of august, and let's face it- in Israel, this is really the craziest time of the year! It doesn't help of course, that we KNOW the kids will get settled in school soon, only to be out again all October long for the high holidays. So we will have a regimen soon- just to be taken off it again, soon. It's so difficult to focus on health and weight loss when you know that its only about time before there is another disruption, BUT, that actually makes NOW the best time. If you wait till we finally have a long time of routine and regimen, well you might actually be waiting till, like January… and that's a long time to wait! As you know, I've been a holistic health coach and cli

Recipes to lighten up the 9 days!

I dread the 9 days every year. I find it really difficult to cut meat out of my diet for 9 days. It sounds easy to do, but I really find cooking dairy meals much more time consuming and labor intensive. It doesn't help that the 9 days are over summer break, which means that I'm cooking labor intensive meals while 2 kids are underfoot. Grilling a steak just sounds so much easier! Aside from being labor intensive, let's face it: dairy meals full of flour, potatoes and cheese just don't make the healthy list. I get the moderation argument, but 9 days IS NOT MODERATION! and then in the middle you have shabbat, so its literally 9 days off from your healthy meal regimen. So, how can we lighten up

Never skip breakfast again!

Have you ever said, “I’m too busy to eat breakfast…” Well, we are all busy and lead super busy lives. Its kinda crazy actually, I mean, with all the technology out there to make lives more convenient, we just keep getting busier and busier anyway! When I know tomorrow will be a super hectic day and I may not have time to sit down and enjoy my usual breakfast favorites, I take a few moments before bed to prepare my morning meal, in a airtight and portable container, so I have a healthy on-the-go meal to start my day. You want to be able to do this too, right? I know. It’s just so easy! So, what is this secret breakfast that is so easy to make ahead? It's called Overnight Vanilla Maple Oats wi

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There are risks by beginning an exercise and/or program. An examination and permission by a physician should be obtained by anyone prior to starting a fitness and/or exercise program, or initiating a substantial change in the amount of regular physical activity performed. In any event, the participant acknowledge and agree that they assume the risks associated with any and all fitness related activities and/or exercises in which you participate in. Sabrina Perl and Healthy By Sabrina are not responsible for any injury caused or resulting from these exercises or meal plans.

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