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Cold, wet & dreary outside? How about some soup?

I love soup. Like I love love love soup all the time. It was a bit of a culture shock when I moved to Israel to find that soup is only served in restaurants during winter. Like why? why would someone willingly deprive themselves of delicious coziness in a meal willingly? It boggles my mind.


One issue I have with soup though is that its hard for me to make it as a one pot meal and feel satiated for hours. Unless its chicken soup. But lately I've been opting for vegan soups because of my vegetarian 9 year old. So I've had to find some alternatives that he will eat that don't require much else to be served alongside. I mean. if i made the soup, I don't want to have to make something else to go with it. I want that to be the complete meal (unless I'm adding a nice green salad, because that doesn't count as cooking).


Three Satiating One-Pot Meal Soup Recipes:

Enjoy :-)



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