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My Favorite Healthier Latke Recipe

I love latkes. Preferably the crispy thin ones, like my mom used to make. The ones where you hand grate the potatoes and you can see every piece of potato clearly when you fry it.

She used to drain all the oil by putting them on bounty paper towels for a while before serving. So they never got soggy. They were even just as good the next day.

I personally hate frying anything. I hate splattering oil everywhere. And I hate being splattered with oil. So I constantly am searching for healthier latkes that require air frying or baking (btw, any baked recipe can be done in the air fryer too in batches!).

I also love coming across a vegetable based recipe, because it aligns better with my goals these days. I love classic holiday flavors, but if I can still fit into my jeans post holiday, then its even better IMO.

The following recipe for BAKED CARROT FRITTERS is my Chanukah recipe must! It can be made easier by buying pre-shredded carrots, which also makes it an easy recipe for meal prep!


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