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The whole family is home? All the time? Here are some easy recipes to feed them while busy.

So I had all these great relaxing and enjoyable plans for maternity leave. Like to be alone with baby. All day. Every day. I can actually laugh at how naive I was back then. Like I knew we were mid-pandemic. So, yeah, I should've known better.

Anyway... Back to the point... I ended up with one kid in back to back bidud and another moved to zoom school because no one in his class is showing up to school (do we blame them or omicron? I'm not sure who is more to blame in this scenario). So the people need to eat. But I have a new baby to take care of and I'm still doing some work and also have various things to do around the house (someone needs to invent self folding laundry. seriously. this should be a thing).

So as I was flipping through my recipes and deciding which to put on the blog this week, I realized that everyone needs a few recipes that can be whipped up quickly during this crazy period. So here we go...

5 Healthy & Easy Family Lunch Recipes for Lockdown

1. Italian Lemon Orzo Soup
Minimal prep time and can be prepared in only 35 minutes. This is also a great "make in bulk and freeze for later" option.

2. Turkey Chilli
Perfect for winter and definitely a comfort food. Perfect for right now. Can be served alone or with leftover rice.

3. Slow Cooker Asian Citrus Shredded Chicken
I love anything that is made in the slow cooker or oven with minimal prep. It means I can walk away and forget about it for a while and get other things done. I think we all need more of that in our lives.

4. Asian Chicken Instant Soup
Have leftover chicken and no one wants to eat it? Reinvent it with these delicious soup jars! Your kids can even do this one themselves.

5. Green Pea, Potato & Goat’s Cheese Frittata
Inexpensive to make, but packed with flavor, this is a great vegetarian dish that only needs a side salad to complete it. Everyone will love this veggie and protein packed dish!


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