Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Protein Cake Bars

This week was insanely hectic with both kids home and mid-winter break. I decided last weekend that I needed a quick protein boost snack that I could just grab and take on the go.

The origial recipe came from, whom I have been a fan of for years. I just find some of her recipes a bit too sweet. So I tend to alter them. In the original recipe these are more dense. I fluffed them up a bit with extra baking powder so it bacame more cakey and a less dry. The 1/2 banana really gives it a great light banana bread flavor and the powdered peanut butter adds just enough pb taste without loads of fat.

My kids loved this btw. And they feeze REALLY REALLY well. So make a batch or two and store them in snack sized ziplock bags in the freezer for a quick snack on the go!

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