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Sunday Bootcamp Workout

My sunday bootcamp was today. This was a fun and kick-butt workout that really torches fat, builds endurance and tones the entire body. I thought some of you at home would love this too. The only equiptment you need is a 3-5 lb (1-2.5 kilo) dumbell or, if you are more advanced, a kettlebell.

You don't need much room for this workout. Just move the coffee table out of the way a bit and get going! The idea is that you are resting between the cardio and bodyweight intervals with weight training. So you are still moving during your "rest" interval, but your lower body is taking a break.

You will be using your core, your arms, shoulders, obliques, inner thighs, and glutes- making this a full body hiit exercise. Burning maximum calories in under 30 minutes. You can add some more stretches at the end, if you feel the need. I always find that yoga is a nice way to end my workout routine and helps my mood throughout the day.

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