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Purim is over... Time to kick your butt into high gear to get yourself ready for Pesach!

You all know that I believe a combination of whole foods and a healthy active lifestyle are key to overall good health and well-being. You can read about my personal journey here.

Exercise is the body's natural way to detox and clean itself. You sweat to get rid of fat, toxins, and to allow the body a chance to keep itself toned and in shape.

In an article in Today Health and Wellness, Dr. Elizabeth Matzkin,chief of women's sports medicine at Harvard Medical School says "In general exercise helps our lungs; kidneys get rid of things that can cause us onset of disease". You can read more here.

Exercise also helps improve your mood, get your metabolism going so you can burn more calories throughout the day especially with one of my effective high intensity interval training classes. I combine calisthenics, barre, pilates, kickboxing and bodyweight exercises to get you the most effective workout to shed the extra pounds and make you sweat.

Lily Aronin, from Lily's Kitchen, and I have teamed up this month to provide you with a great opportunity of participating in Lily's programs alongside my own. This enables you to get the professional strategies we use to stay fit and also implement them with ease and support. Support has been shown to increase success rates when dieting and keeping up a healthy lifestyle.

You can go HERE to save your seat to the Pesach without the Pounds Workshop. This workshop is designed to get you through Passover healthy and fit, without the extra holiday weight or bloating. You will notice some great deals on that page that Lily and I put together for you too!

And if you will be away in a hotel or at the in laws, I put together this great anywhere, no equipment needed workout for you as well. Always remember to add a 2 minute warm up and 3-5 minute cool down stretch. Every other day is enough, so don't worry if you don't have time every day. Just remember to WALK, WALK, WALK!

This is going to be a month you won't want to miss!

I hope I will be seeing you!



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