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Start of the weekend right with a killer workout....

We all have difficulty staying on track during the un-structured weekend. I have always found that working out leads to better food decisions, more energy and better sleep habits- which all aid in weight-loss. During Chanukah, with delicious jelly donuts and latkes, this weekend will be harder than usual.

I have this awesome group of local ladies in my facebook motivation group. We have been doing this chanukah workout challenge to help stay on track through chanukah vacation. This workout is basically a combo of the first 3 challenge workouts. This is a full body workout combining cardio, body-weight strength training, and HIIT.

Add a good warm up of high-knee jacks, windmills, and alternating side squats and a nice cool-down stretch to make this a complete workout.

Have a great weekend! Chag Sameach!

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