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Refreshing Green Smoothie

I love smoothies during the summer. They are so refreshing. But sometimes we need to switch it up and make it seem new, so we don't get bored!

One of my new found smoothie favourites, its this Refreshing Green Smoothie. I discovered this combination accidentally, when I had some mint leaves on hand in my fridge and didn't want them to go to waste. I was amazed at how delicious they made my smoothie and the combination of green apple with cucumber helps hydrate and the fiber from the apple keeps you full longer. You can add an unsweetened yogurt or half a serving of your favourite plain protein powder to make it into a meal replacement or post workout snack.

Refreshing Green Summer Smoothie

1/4 cup clean mint leaves

1 peeled green apple, cut into chunks

1 cucumber cleaned and cut into chunks

1 cup water or unsweetened non-dairy milk

optional- 4 oz lowfat plain yogurt* or 3-4 tbsp protein powder

optional- 1/2 cup ice cubes

Blend and enjoy! Serves 1.

To add some anti-inflammatory properties to this smoothie, you can add a dash each of ground ginger, cinnamon and tumeric.

*note: if you use yogurt, you may need to add a little bit of extra sweetness. I suggest 1 tsp of PURE honey or silan (date honey).

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