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Something new for back to school....

Its almost the end of august, and let's face it- in Israel, this is really the craziest time of the year!

It doesn't help of course, that we KNOW the kids will get settled in school soon, only to be out again all October long for the high holidays. So we will have a regimen soon- just to be taken off it again, soon.

It's so difficult to focus on health and weight loss when you know that its only about time before there is another disruption, BUT, that actually makes NOW the best time. If you wait till we finally have a long time of routine and regimen, well you might actually be waiting till, like January… and that's a long time to wait!

As you know, I've been a holistic health coach and clinical weight loss practitioner for years- seeing clients one on one in my office, on skype and over the phone. And a lot of my clients all have some of the same concerns, difficulty fitting a weight loss plan into their daily life. They just don't know how to make this work for them and when it doesn't , they feel discouraged. They work with me to create a plan that really works for them, from short prep recipes to figuring out what to eat when, and how much is too much- we work together to really create a plan that works for them and they see the progress, in their appearance, their level of energy and the number on the scale.

I really love helping people, but obviously not everyone can visit me in Modi'in, so I created the Weight Loss Made Simple Online Program. This is a 6 week group program, online, with all the support you need to succeed. I'm so excited for theis transformative program. It's do different from everything else out there.

Most online programs give you meal plans and expect you to make your lifestyle work around their system. This online program is the opposite. Included in the program is an E-Book with information step by step to help you learn to create your own meal plans around your lifestyle. You will get the support you need to create your own meal plan that is nutritious and delicious, while promoting weight loss, using the recipe e-book and meal planning booklet.

Also included are workout videos that you can do at home on without any extra equipment necessary. These will help you get in shape and acquire more lean muscle mass, which will accelerate your metabolic burn. That sound amazing, right ?

Basically, you are getting a personal trainer, weight loss coach and meal planning help all rolled into one amazing package!

Click here to read more about the Weight Loss Made Simple online program!

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