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Beach Workout

Out at the beach with the kids, or solo, and want to fit in an awesome workout? Here's your sand-friendly, anytime beach workout! This workout should take about 18-20 minutes in total, but if you are short on time, try fitting it in without repeating the circuit. Any workout is better than no workout, right?

Warm UP:

repeat 2x.

12 alternating toe touches

8 deep static side lunge with overhead stretch to the right

8 deep static side lunge with overhead reach stretch to the left

30 seconds jump rope


repeat 3x- 10 second break between exercise

45 seconds Mountain Climbers

20 Alternating Front Lunges

20 reps Squats

45 second Plank

12 reps V-sits

45 seconds Spidermans

12 reps Bridge

Yoga Cool Down Stretch:

Butterfly Pose

Childs' Pose


Downward Dog

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