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Pesach without the Pounds

Pesach cleaning is upon us, which means that Pesach is almost here. Only a few more days!

I know so many people that get nervous about Pesach. Are you one of them? The switch from the usual meal plan to one that you see has fewer choices and more restrictions is a scary prospect, especially if you have only recently started their wellness journey.

There is a way to enjoy Pesach though without being overly restrictive or putting on a few pounds. There is another option. Here are some key things that help avoid the holiday weight gain:

1) Produce! Fill up your shopping cart with veg, then fruit. Make sure you have enough for meals and snacks and desserts. Meaning- GET TONS! Apple chips are also a great portable crunchy snack if you want some variety.

2) Eggs! eggs are a great source of protein, can be made quickly and are nutritious.

3) Oat bran matzos. I love these, they contain so much more fiber than reg matzo. It helps you feel fuller, longer. If you can't find oat bran matzo, whole wheat is still a good choice.

4) Yogurt smoothies. All you need is a bag of frozen fruit and a bio yogurt, some milk of your choice. Done. A great way to start your day chol ha moed and also portable if you are going on a lot of day trips.

5) Zucchini and Eggplant. Both make suitable replacements for many Italian dishes. I keep them on hand to use for zoodles, eggplant rolitini, and even mini pizza rounds.

6) Smoked salmon. This is a great way to add protein to portable foods like matzoh and cream cheese. Healthy tio: If you are going on a day trip, freeze the smoked salmon so it defrosts on the way and make a little matzoh sandwich bar picnic! Kids love it. Don't forget the cucumbers too!

Now some thoughts on workouts...

When it comes to workouts over Pesach, we all must be realistic. I try to find 3 days that I can fit in 35 minutes each day. It can be in my living room, on my mirpeset while the kids watch a movie, or at the park while my husband is watching them. Try to find those 2 or 3 days that will work for you. Don't worry about it being a long workout, even just 15 minutes can be effective. Just try to be consistent so you stay motivated through out the holiday.

To make your Pesach easier and healthier, I am including a FREE GIFT. I created a compilation of my favorite recipes and included here. Click here to download your free Pesach without the Pounds cookbook!



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